Pattern: Booth Butterflies

Pattern: Booth Butterflies


Eight pages of instructions and a template sheet. Finished mini quilt measures 19 x 14in.

I live in Hove near the wonderful Booth Museum of Natural History. It was originally a Victorian's private collection, then the building and contents were given to the council in 1891. I have been visiting the museum since I was at school in the 1980s and always find something to inspire me, whether it is the old-fashioned feel of the interior or the interesting specimens in display cabinets. One of my favourite areas is the butterfly and moth collection - beautiful colours combined with fragility it belongs to a past time. This design is based on one of these displays.

My instructions are for fusible raw-edge appliqué that is free-machine stitched, however, if you prefer another method of appliqué the templates can be adapted. I stitched the outline of each one with a dark grey thread but use what you have, for example, it could look good with lots of different colours. My mini quilt is finished with an extra-wide binding, which helps to make it look similar to the type of frame a collector would have used. 

You will need:
17 x 12½in lightweight sew-in interfacing
17 x 12½in paper-backed fusible web 
20½ x 15in natural cotton/linen
Printed fabric
21 x 16in cotton wadding
21 x 16in backing fabric
Two 3½ x 14½in strips, and two 3½ x 21½in strips of cotton binding fabric
Masking tape 
Pencil or pen
Fabric pencil or pen
Baking paper (optional)
Pins and hand sewing needle
Sewing machine

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