September 2018

Brr, feeling the cold a bit as a write this which means - hurrah, it is quilting weather!

This month I took part in the Great British Quilter challenge on instagram which was fun. It is run by two quilt designers, and they post a theme each day which you then post a photo in response. Anyone can join in, whether you are working on your first quilt, or a superstar quilter. I really enjoyed it as it meant I shared some old work, but also had a chance to take some new photos. Here are some of my favourites.

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New brooches online

To complement my boxes I have been making some brooches. They each feature a figure or books, and are sewn onto cotton/mix linen, appliqued onto felt, then a gilt coloured brooch back added. Each one is mounted on a piece of card printed from papers in my collection, including a. 1879 cross-written letter and a 1930s invoice. They measure about 2in x 3in. They took quite a while to make and each one developed their own name and personality as I worked on them. I have a batch of about 15, but so far I have six online here, so meet:

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July 2018

July always catches my breath. The end of the school term means another year has passed, and my children are getting older faster than I can cope with. It has not been one of those 'carrying sunglasses just in case the emotions get too much' situations this year, one is moving onto another year at secondary school and the other into the second year at college, but still, it startles me a bit. 

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June 2018

As you will tell from my two previous posts, the beginning of the June was spent in Wales. I fell in love with Ceredigion and, if I could have, I would've packed up my sewing machine and whippet and never left. Alas, there does not seem to be too many jobs in the area and the teenager would not be impressed - he has got used to 24-hour living in the city. So, we returned home with plans to return next time we needed some R&R.

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Welsh Wool Tourists

Being of the textile ilk, I could not ignore wool (and blankets) while we were in Wales. Just opening the curtains every morning to several hundred girls and their lambs was a reminder that this fibre is part of the landscape so I sought out two places that had 'must visit' written all over them.

The first place we went to was the National Wool Museum (above). It was a bit of a trek from where we were staying, but I found a distillery tour nearby for the non-textile family members so they could go and learn all about gin and sample spirits, while me and my daughter could walk around looking at looms (I love a loom, particularly an industrial one).

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The Welsh Quilt Centre

I would like to start this post with a public announcement - if you are due to visit the Welsh Quilt Centre this year then don't read on. I had such wonderful visit and part of this was not knowing what to expect so trust me, you will enjoy it much more if you get that feeling of being enveloped in quilting loveliness with no expectations.

Right, if you are still with me then you must be a long long way from Wales...

When we decided to go on a family trip to Wales I knew if I did not get to see some quilts I would feel a tad short-changed.

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May 2018

It has been a bit of a funny month as I have struggled to get into a new routine. Back in 2015 I closed my studio shop with the plan on doing more creative work (writing and designing) and two months later became Editor of the magazine Popular Patchwork. It was fab, full-time hard work though so in March 2017 I left as I really wanted to be working on my own projects more. The lovely new editor, Emma, asked me to stay on part-time as freelance technical editor which really suited me. I could work as and when I wanted (as long as I kept to deadlines) so it slotted in well between other work and projects. In April the team learned the issue we were working on would be our last.

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