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2017 SDW Walk, Pycombe - First Week of April

As part of my plan to walk the South Downs Way in 2017, last week we headed up the road to Pyecombe. The weather is improving, so long walks seem much more appealing, however it is tricky finding time to get out and about. We both work six-day weeks, and Sunday is usually taken up with football. However, we had a week off from standing on the touchline and so headed 10 minutes (on a good day) up the road. 

I found the walk on the Sussex Living website. As I tend to not have time for a full days walking I have been researching shorter, 1 to 2 hour circular walks along the SDW, and finding there is a lack of them. As soon as you type South Downs Way into Google it comes up with mammoth walks, and little for what I would call the 'hobbyist' like myself.

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