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2019 so far...

So, the monthly posting fell by the wayside in 2019, in fact any non-essential work went on the back burner due to the ‘big project’. At times, the scale of it all plus a bit of ill health and family issues overwhelmed me but am nearly through it and now have a pause. It has been wonderful to get out on proper walks again and to start thinking about new work without the pressure of tight deadlines - in the dark days of too much to do in not enough time I feared I was going off quilting. I wonder if cookbook writers get the same thing, and toward the end of their books eating a frozen pizza and KFC as they are a bit over cooking from scratch and overthinking flavour combinations.

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Autumn 2018 Tile Course

My eight week course at Hove Library came to an end just before Christmas so I took the opportunity to take photos of some of the work to share. It was a mixed group of ten beginner to experienced quilters, and you will see there is a huge range of styles and colours used in the quilts. To recap, the tile quilt is made of blocks inspired by tiled paths seen in Hove (and a few in Brighton). At each session as well as the block design we talk about the history of the road and/or area.

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September 2018

Brr, feeling the cold a bit as a write this which means - hurrah, it is quilting weather!

This month I took part in the Great British Quilter challenge on instagram which was fun. It is run by two quilt designers, and they post a theme each day which you then post a photo in response. Anyone can join in, whether you are working on your first quilt, or a superstar quilter. I really enjoyed it as it meant I shared some old work, but also had a chance to take some new photos. Here are some of my favourites.

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February 2018

My most exciting sewing news last month was that the tile sampler blocks were sewn finally together. The piece still needs a border, which being English paper-pieced is no mean feat, but to have them all together felt like an accomplishment. I tested the strength of my marriage by attempting to go outside and photograph it on a windy day, but we got there with not too many cross words!

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