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Autumn 2018 Tile Course

My eight week course at Hove Library came to an end just before Christmas so I took the opportunity to take photos of some of the work to share. It was a mixed group of ten beginner to experienced quilters, and you will see there is a huge range of styles and colours used in the quilts. To recap, the tile quilt is made of blocks inspired by tiled paths seen in Hove (and a few in Brighton). At each session as well as the block design we talk about the history of the road and/or area.

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Hello 2018

The autumn was a whirlwind of work (the curse of the freelance life, always too much or too little) so it has been lovely to have a week off over Christmas. I was planning on spending it on long walks, masses of sewing and watching box sets over the break but, of course, time runs away and it was actually just a good old catch up with the family.

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