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Adventures in Machine Embroidery - Part 1

Computerised embroidery machines have intrigued me for a while. The only things I ever see them do are cute pre-programmed motifs on baby blankets or monogramming flannels, but every now and then I see something on Instagram or Pinterest that makes me stop and reconsider how the machines could be combined with drawing and collage to create something a bit different. Despite thinking about how they could be used with my artwork it is not something I have ever tried as I don't have space for one, and the cost is prohibitive for something to just 'have a play' with. However, couple of friends have recently acquired a machine so I nabbed myself an invite to try it out. Nicole and Melinda run Brighton Sewing Centre, a shop in the North Laine that sells sewing supplies, machines and run classes (as the tutor, I can recommend the quilt ones!). They have lots of different machines, but the Brother PR1050X is their newest addition. 

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