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June 2019

The month of June is always about the solstice, and this year was an apt one to get out and feel the sun come up and shine enegry and positivity into my soul - and in more humble terms it is always good to mark the mid-point of the year. We went up to Devil’s Dyke at 4.30am, ready to see the first rays of the sun come up. It always surprises me how light it is (reminds me sunrise is not the time when it starts to get light) and how cold it is. Makes you feel closer to nature as you can feel the power of the sun warming up the earth.

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June 2018

As you will tell from my two previous posts, the beginning of the June was spent in Wales. I fell in love with Ceredigion and, if I could have, I would've packed up my sewing machine and whippet and never left. Alas, there does not seem to be too many jobs in the area and the teenager would not be impressed - he has got used to 24-hour living in the city. So, we returned home with plans to return next time we needed some R&R.

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