Adventures in Machine Embroidery - Part 2

After the success of the landscape embroideries, I delved into my sketchbook to see what other work could be scanned and stitched. I came across the drawings that provided the templates for my house applique work which were ideal. Slightly scrappy, but once smoothed out they could be scanned in. We chose to stitch the living room as it seemed the most interesting, with lots of lines. We repeated the same process as for the landscapes, scanning the image, editing the line (we made this one smaller) and hooping the fabric. We decided to try two versions.

Here's is the first sample. In the first photo you can see the machine has been programmed. In the second you can see the sample. I like the solid line. It looks solid and I would not be able to get this effect on my domestic sewing machine.

The second version is just a line image. It has a few errors, and this one did not have interfacing on the back - we were cutting corners due to it getting late. I like this version more than the satin stitched one as it looks more free/sketchy. You can see some lines where the fabric has bounced, due to lack of interfacing to stabilise it, so in some areas such as the chair it has created a double line. There is also a tiny line missing from the bottom of the footstool, and an extra line at the bottom, which is a cropping error. Again, it doesn't bother me, and I will unpick the bit at the bottom, but it's good to make these mistakes as otherwise I will never learn. The idea for this sample was to stitch into it with hand embroidery to add pattern. I am still umming and ahhing about this. I started hand sew but my embroidery looked too pretty. The colours and mid-century inspired lines need something graphic. I have left it in the hoop as the size of the circle frames it beautifully. So, for now, this last one is on the wall while I ponder.


I am desperate to go in and do more. It is one of those situations, a bit like collage, where you start something and then while working you think of another idea, then another one, then another one... I have also had a few interesting chats with quilters about computerised machine embroidery. It is marmite, and will make an interesting piece for the blog or podcast.

The video below shows the last image being stitched. Take a look - it is strangely mesmerising!