Vintage improv

A recent project was made to solve two sewing 'shame' issues, namely amount of stash and finishing things off. However, in reality it didn't really do either of these, but I did enjoy working on it!

The issue with being crafty is that it makes you accumulate stuff, lots of stuff. Therefore I have been trying to have a sort out using the bin, keep or recycle rule. One of the biggest issues I have with storage is my fabric scrap boxes. They have been so out of control it has been easier to buy a new fat quarter, rather than digging through them when I needed a certain fabric or colour. However, I a couple of weeks ago I put something good on the tv and spent two days going through them to check what I still wanted and then pressing the fabric flat before piling it back into the box. I suppose you could say I Netflix and pressed. It is surprising how the fabric can condense down and I now have half an empty box - possibly to stash more stuff in!

The half finished projects pile is, err, impressive, and my half square triangles box deservers a special mention. I often demonstrate how to make them so end up with two or eight units depending on what method I'm showing. I must stitch some of those together but might wait for a rainy day...

So the latest quilt top should have tackled one of the above vices as I was using fabric from my stash, however I 'needed' to buy more fabric to go with it. This was justified as I wanted a colour way that was a little unusual.

I was itching to sew so decided to make a quick improvisational patchwork top.

Once the top was together I decided I wanted to do something to mess it up slightly. I like my work to be graphic but sometimes I feel it needs something on top. I made this piece of patchwork quite quickly to decided to print on top, the thinking being that is it goes wrong I am not going to deface six months worth of sewing. I picked up a printing tool then printed randomly on top of the patchwork. I worked the black ink, then the white. 

It was finished off with some straight-line quilting, and it now resides on the back of our grey sofa.