A Change of Plan

When I last blogged I had taken the bold step of closing my studio shop, and was adapting to a different style of work. The plan was to have the summer as a time for reflection and to recharge, then get back to teaching, creating and designing this autumn. In the typical way things have a way of working out as one door closed another opened, as I was offered a job as editor of a quilt magazine. I started working full time at the beginning of July, so whilst I did spend some time on the beach this summer, the summer was quite different to the one I had planned. At times it has been amazing, seeing my first cover was quite a highlight, but I have also found it has given me a few sleepless nights as I am used to being fairly anonymous, and this has pushed my head above the parapet as they say. Wouldn't change things though.
So, with my children back at school, and two issues under my belt I am starting to carve out some evening and weekend time to sew, create and hopefully blog more.  So here I am again, and man has it been good to be stitching again.

I love stitching on paper, and have been buying lots of items to use in my work, including old stamps. Below is a recent haul, a huge bag of stamps from a secondhand shop in Brighton. I particularly love the ones with postal marks as I get a thrill from seeing where and when it was used. Many of them are over 30 years old, and I find it interesting that they would survive this long without someone throwing them out. Were they in a loft somewhere, or did someone collect them? They are in a tatty condition so I can't imagine they would have been part of a collection. I have found lots of Christmas stamps which I will be using in my card classes this autumn, the first of which is part of the Quilters Guild regional day in area 3 next month.

Old UK Stamps

I have also been stitching onto paper, as you can see from this sample piece. I like using texts that have meaning to me, hence Pride and Prejudice. 


One of the problems about playing with a new medium is that I am starting to collect paper and books in the same way I acquire fabric. It will be fine I tell myself, as long as I get enough Sunday afternoons to while away the time sewing, listening to audio books with my daughter and drinking lots of tea.

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