Retro Sewing Cards

One of my vices is an addiction to retro sewing books.  I cannot walk past a charity shop without popping in to see what they have, and the sales tables at quilt shows are a dangerous place for me to go.  Thankfully it is not a vice that effects my health, even if it does make a dent in my wallet, and creates dusty bookshelves.

All of the books are put to use and I take them along to classes with me.  Many of the traditional hand sewing techniques haven't changed over the years, and neither have the classic blocks.  I still regard The Perfect Patchwork Primer, published by Penguin in the late 1970s as an excellent resource for block illustrations.  The books also came in really handy when researching quilting in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s, and I take lots of them along when I give talks.  

Recent acquisitions (see, I'm talking about them like a proper collection) have included some from the 1980s which make me nostalgic - quilted gold lame purse?  Yes please... and I will have a crazy waistcoat to go with that. 

This brings me onto my latest makes.  I have now doubled up some of my books, and noticed that a 1975 bumper guide to crafts had the most amazing illustrations, colours and fonts.  I decided to cut up a page and collage it onto some textured craft stock I had in the stash.  I rather liked the look of it, so have made some more...  They are quite addictive, and I will be selling some at a friends open house in Worthing next month.  
Here are some of my latest compositions... the patchwork chapter is now all used, so I am onto embroidery and dressmaking.  I found another copy of the book last month, so have enough materials to keep going for quite a while.