Hello 2018

The autumn was a whirlwind of work (the curse of the freelance life, always too much or too little) so it has been lovely to have a week off over Christmas. I was planning on spending it on long walks, masses of sewing and watching box sets over the break but, of course, time runs away and it was actually just a good old catch up with the family.

The total number of homemade presents was... one (appalling I know!). I hear people talking about making a quilt for Christmas in September and think they are far too organised. Then, I get to early December, see the calendar filling up and have a why didn't I start earlier feeling. So, this year my one handmade present feels like an accomplishment. It was made for my three-year-old nephew who loves all things aquatic. The sea fabric is by Riley Blake from Brighton Sewing Centre, and the rest of the fabric was from my stash. Simple squares, machine quilted, with the pillow made from three layers of wadding. Perfect for his teddy/doll bed.


One thing I did accomplish over the break was finishing the final block (number 16) for my Hove tile quilt over the break. I then made an extra one based on some tiles in Brunswick Square (see below - below). I am now thinking of making another three so it is a large enough for a floor cushion, but this brings me onto one of my new years reso...things. I do need to finish projects at a higher rate than starting them. Professional work is always done on time, but when it comes to making my own things I start making something, then think I could do that, then that and on it goes. Of course this is also the mark if a perfectionist. If it is never finished it can never go wrong. So, hopefully this year the pile of work in progress will go down, but the pile of finished work will be immense! We'll see.