2019 so far...


So, the monthly posting fell by the wayside in 2019, in fact any non-essential work went on the back burner due to the ‘big project’. At times, the scale of it all plus a bit of ill health and family issues overwhelmed me but am nearly through it and now have a pause. It has been wonderful to get out on proper walks again and to start thinking ahead new work without the pressure of tight deadlines - in the dark days of too much to do in not enough time I feared I was going off quilting. I wonder if cookbook writers get the same thing, and toward the end of their books end up dining on frozen pizza and KFC as they are a bit ‘over’ cooking from scratch and analysing flavour combinations.

To try and get things into perspective I changed a few things including taking an Instagram break. I am on the fence about the pressures of social media, sometimes the perfect looking swish holidays and neat beautiful homes can stir up a bit of an inferiority complex, but on the whole I find it inspiring and love being able to see what others are doing and to share what I am making. I also try and follow a mix of accounts, not just those who work in textiles but writers and printers too so it is an inspiring place. What I did get from the break though was some more time back in my day. I think scrolling through social media can be a time wasting passive activity if you are not careful and so it was a good move to make sure a break was kept as proper time out. For example, at times such as leaving my desk to boil the kettle I would mindlessly scroll through my phone, but now I take a proper break. I would recommend it for a week or two - I found it made me live in the now much more. I am going to reinstall it this weekend but hopefully I have trained myself to look a couple of times a day to connect with others, and not just to use it as a distraction.

Looking back, the class highlight of this spring was the last tile quilt course (my quilt designs based on tiles in Brighton and Hove). Here are some of the lovely examples, and I have seen or received emails from some of the group saying their quilts are coming along well - and a couple of finishes (and the bottom right photo is of some research items that we found in the room - fascinating stuff). I am looking at running it again this autumn but sadly cannot get the room at the libray on Saturdays for a consistent time so looking at other possibilities - if you are interested in coming along keep your eyes peeled for news on here.