New rooms

These two pieces were started back in October, but only recently finished due to my ability to start projects at a higher rate than I finish them.

Both started out as a paper collage (below), created from interiors magazines, which I then traced to create the applique pictures.

As I worked on them I named the people who lived in the homes - the top one is Angus's abode, and the bottom is Derek's.


I imagined Angus lived in the north of Scotland, and this piece started off as a wood panelled lodge affair, but quickly changed to a new build, with a few token pieces from the lodge. Maybe he is the third son of a landowner so didn't get the house, but did swipe a few choice items. I like this room - looks like it wouldn't have a TV, but there would be a half-full decanter somewhere containing some decent malt.


Derek fancies himself as a ladies man, but actually quite naive and sweet. It is the mid 1960s, and he lives on his own near the Kings Road, but his mum still pops in to do his tidying and washing. He works in a finance role where he goes to the pub every lunchtime. He reads magazines, not books, and the shagpile carpet is one of his favourite things.


On a more serious stitchy note, one of the things I love about creating these rooms is that I can play with all different sorts of materials. When quilt making, it is usually just cotton and linen, but here I have all sorts of materials. Many bits have been in the stash for years. In this pieces, I used a sample I got from The Cloth House on Berwick Street back in 1999. No idea how it survived in the fabric box all these years but it is lovely finally use it.