April 2018

Last month was a whirlwind of computer work, with a few golden days out thrown in. I took some lovely photos as we eeked out the last few beach sessions before the mayhem descends for the summer, and the dog is banned from setting foot (paw?) on the pebbles.


The biggest achievement was finally layering my tile quilt. Here is a quick picture I took before the wadding and backing were added. I do not like layering, and this quilt was no exception. In future I may have to turn it into a ritual of pre-task meditation, Radio 3 and a Kalms to reduce the amount of cursing. I thought my Liberty bargain fabric was perfect for the backing, but the print has a straight line so I wanted to try and get the front and back aligned. With polyester wadding in-between this was easier said than done!


I also made good progress on my boxes. As I write, I have more on the go and am now pondering how to photograph them. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some shaky videos but I need to come up with the magic formula to show them off. I took this photo as I was making them, and deciding how to place the objects.

Betsy BettsComment