September 2018

Brr, feeling the cold a bit as a write this which means - hurrah, it is quilting weather!

This month I took part in the Great British Quilter challenge on instagram which was fun. It is run by two quilt designers, and they post a theme each day which you then post a photo in response. Anyone can join in, whether you are working on your first quilt, or a superstar quilter. I really enjoyed it as it meant I shared some old work, but also had a chance to take some new photos. Here are some of my favourites.


My new tile course started at Hove Library. I am loving the space. I was a little concerned about the light as it is kept low due to archival items, but it has worked fine. We have had three sessions now and I am most impressed with how eveyone is keeping up.


My antique/vintage/old paper stash is looking healthy at the mo. I rarely use originals in my work, copying them onto cartridge paper instead. In one of my ‘I wonder’ moments I decided to get some printed onto fabric. It is not cheap to do, but I tried three and am delighted with them. Yet to cut into them, just keep admiring for now!


I have been continuing with the appliqué version of my tile quilt. Very happy with the fabric choices, although the backing fabric is frating so much I think I am going to have to take about 1/8in off each side. Here is how it looked before it get naughty - lovely and crisp.