December 2018

Long ago I stopped the New Year resolution thing. The lull between Christmas and New Year gives some time for reflection and thoughts of living better, whether this is healthier or changing habits, but as soon as January gets into full swing things get busy and plans fall by the wayside which then can leave you feeling a bit of a failure. So these days I don’t make any. However, a chat with an old friend has made me look at this a different way. She recalled when we were in our late teens we decided to do something new each month, rather than stopping something. At the time we decided to try a new bar each month, I cannot remember it well so I don’t think we intentially kept it up, but reckon we probably did try a new bar each month.

 Whilst thinking of this, and seeing people constantly complaining and moaning about things on social media, instead of just getting on with the good things, I decided to try and make sure I leave a review or say thank you for something at least once a week in 2019. Everyone is so quick to be a critic these days, but forget that good critics also say good things. To counteract the negativity it feels like a good time to be more thankful.


Early in December we went to London for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. The show can get really busy so it is best to go later in the day, which means there is always time to see something in this morning. This time we went for a look around the National Portrait Gallery. I used to go there often, loving not only the work but the stories behind the people. It hasn't (to my delight) changed much and the teenager really enjoyed it. We also popped into the National Gallery. I used to know my way around without a guide, but haven’t been there for years (still thought you entered through a door at the top of the front steps) but it was so busy we lasted about 20 minutes. You couldn't breathe in there, so so many people, next time we will have to go to the National Gallery later on in the day.

I have been ploughing through some commission work. Below is a peek of some of this work - hand piecing which is my favourite.


One of the highlights of December was a trip to see Mary Poppins on the day it was released. So pleased that it was as good as I hoped, although was determined to enjoy it regardless. I read the books earlier this year in preparation - see how pretty these covers are.


There was also lots of the December socialising. Below is a photo I took of the group who meet at my friend Nicky’s home. We don’t do it in such lavish style every month… The project at the front is a cushion I made several years ago as a class sample and have started getting out when I am not sure what to work on. It only needs a bit more quilting then can be finished off and used - and means one less thing in the WIP pile.