Autumn 2018 Tile Course

My eight week course at Hove Library came to an end just before Christmas so I took the opportunity to take photos of some of the work to share. The group had ten beginner to experienced quilters, and you will see there is a huge range of styles and colours used in the quilts. To recap, the tile quilt is made of blocks inspired by tiled paths seen in Hove (and a few in Brighton). At each session as well as the block design we talk about the history of the road and/or area.

It was the first time I had booked the Wolsley room for a course and it worked so well I would love to use it again. There is a large table in the middle of the room, it has a high ceiling and feels right for hand sewing - lots of space to work, but also the curved shape of the room means conversation flows. The staff are really friendly and the new cafe has been a bonus for everyone. The room is home to lots of reference books about local history, many over 100 years old, so we can get them out and read about the road or area we are focussing on at that session - the old maps in the back of books are particularly interesting. This time there were two different versions of the quilt to make. The original version is completely English paper-pieced (even the sashing) while the new version has pieced patches sewn onto a background square so it can then be assembled on a sewing machine. 

Below are some of the quilts in progress. They all have special meaning to the makers, from fabrics given by loved ones, to a range from fabric designed by the maker (the top quilt) and a project to combine vintage fabrics that have been collected for a while. The group will be meeting once a month so I will share some more photos in the spring.