Adventures in Machine Embroidery - Part 2

After the success of the landscape embroideries I delved into my sketchbook to see what other work could be scanned and stitched. I came across the drawings that provided the templates for my house applique work which were perfect. Slightly scrappy, but once smoothed out they could be scanned in. We chose to stitch the living room seemed the most interesting, with lots of lines. We repeated the same process as for the landscapes, scanning the image, editing the line (we made this one smaller) and hooping the fabric. We decided to try two versions.

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Adventures in Machine Embroidery - Part 1

Computerised embroidery machines have intrigued me for a while. The only things I ever see them do are cute pre-programmed motifs on baby blankets or monogramming flannels, but every now and then I see something on Instagram or Pinterest that makes me stop and reconsider how the machines could be combined with drawing and collage to create something a bit different. Despite thinking about how they could be used with my artwork it is not something I have ever tried as I don't have space for one, and the cost is prohibitive for something to just 'have a play' with. However, couple of friends have recently acquired a machine so I nabbed myself an invite to try it out. Nicole and Melinda run Brighton Sewing Centre, a shop in the North Laine that sells sewing supplies, machines and run classes (as the tutor, I can recommend the quilt ones!). They have lots of different machines, but the Brother PR1050X is their newest addition. 

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Hello Jane

A lot of my teenage years were spent with my nose in a book. There wasn't a lot to do in the Hove suburbs, so without the distraction of a mobile phone, reading, playing hockey or drinking cider in the park were pretty much the extent of a social life. And it was reading that took me into another world. These journeys were varied, while at home I loved Sylvia Plath and Dorothy Parker, I worked Saturdays in a bookshop and used to read the latest bestsellers between serving customers at the till. SAS heroes, or cheesy romantic novels, everything was fair game to take me away from grey Boundary Road in Hove to a more exciting world.

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Houses and rooms

At the end of last year I made a big decision to change my work situation to give me more time to stitch, and to develop my work in a new direction. I was not reckless enough to devote myself to my stitch work full time, but adjusted my work into what I enjoy and pays the bills, but also allows me some regular time and thinking space to be creative. So what to do. Finish all the quilts I am currently making, or start something new? Of course the answer was to work on a new project (while diligently ploughing away at the wip pile). I have always loved applique, and like the way it offers possibilities of being illustrative with fabric and thread, so the question was what theme would I explore. 

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Landscape Workshop

There is something cosy about running one-day workshops in winter. With the lights on, heating turned up and kettle on the go it feels like a little retreat from the damp and grey world. So, when Sussex Quilters got in touch last summer about the possibility of running a February workshop I thought 'oh, yes!'. The group, who meet in Southwick, decided on my 'developing applique motifs from photographs' workshop, and chose to focus on landscapes. I asked everyone to bring along their own image which made it much more interesting - we stayed local on Southwick Green, took a trip up to the Downs, popped along the coast to Worthing beach, and then nipped across the English Channel to France. They are a talented bunch - as you can see here...